Mafaka Apparel: Men's Boxers Genesis NFT

Hip-Hop Day Collaboration:

Limited Edition NFTs for Mafaka Boxers with @MetaArtsMuseum!

We’re excited to share that our inaugural partnership project with @MetaArtsMuseum for a special NFT release on Hip-Hop Day, August 11th, was a success! We minted 777 NFTs on the Polygon blockchain, and they can be fully redeemed for actual physical merchandise. For every purchase of Mafaka boxers, you’ll receive a complimentary NFT. We still have them available, but they’re limited, so don’t miss this exclusive opportunity – order our boxers and get your free NFT. Get ready to be part of this thrilling collaboration at the crossroads of art, fashion, and digital innovation!

Image of Mafaka NFT Giveaway: Illustration showing Mafaka's NFT giveaway event. The image includes Mafaka logo, NFT graphics, and an exciting atmosphere, encouraging participation in this exclusive NFT opportunity.

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