Image of Mafaka NFT Giveaway: Illustration showing Mafaka's NFT giveaway event. The image includes Mafaka logo, NFT graphics, and an exciting atmosphere, encouraging participation in this exclusive NFT opportunity.
Get Ready for Mafaka’s Launch: Secure Limited Edition NFTs in Our Exclusive NFT Giveaway!

Madison, WI, June 19th, 2023 – Mafaka Apparel proudly announces its collaboration with @MetaArtsMuseum as part of Mafaka’s Prelaunch Marketing Campaign. This partnership introduces a special NFT collection that blends digital art and fashion.

The “MAFAKA x @MetaArtsMuseum Genesis NFT” collection is a unique milestone in the fashion world. This limited release of 777 NFTs can be redeemed for free Mafaka merch once the physical Mafaka Boxers are available on Black Friday.

By utilizing NFT technology, this collaboration offers collectors an innovative way to access exclusive digital assets while fostering a sense of community within the Metaverse. The partnership underscores the commitment of both entities to reshaping the landscape of art and fashion appreciation.

Ann Neste, a spokesperson for @MetaArtsMuseum, shares her excitement, stating, “Our collaboration with Mafaka signifies a new way for our audience to engage with fashion in the Metaverse, pushing creative boundaries and setting new standards.”

The exclusive NFT collection will be released on Hip-Hop Day, August 11th. Attendees can secure a limited number of 777 NFTs, which can be redeemed for Mafaka merch upon the physical Mafaka Boxers’ release on Black Friday. Individuals can enter and secure free NFTs by registering and inviting friends to join.

This partnership merges art, fashion, and digital innovation, offering a fresh way to experience and interact with both industries. Stay connected with Mafaka and @MetaArtsMuseum for updates, behind-the-scenes content, and an opportunity to be part of this groundbreaking collaboration. For media inquiries, partnership opportunities, or more information, please contact:

About @MetaArtsMuseum: @MetaArtsMuseum ( is a pioneering platform that intersects art, technology, and immersive experiences. With a focus on the Metaverse’s potential, the museum transforms art appreciation and engagement, fostering creativity and uniting diverse communities through transformative artistic expression.

About Mafaka: Mafaka ( is an innovative startup streetwear fashion brand dedicated to challenging industry norms through edgy designs and creative styles. With a passion for pushing boundaries, Mafaka empowers individuals to embrace their unique identities and redefine fashion standards. Through its distinctive offerings, Mafaka seeks to leave an indelible mark on the fashion world.

For more information, visit MAFAKA x @MetaArtsMuseum Genesis NFT Giveaway and follow @MetaArtsMuseum on Instagram.